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About Us

Longevity, Customer Satisfaction, Convenience, and Professionalism.


BathInspect150Founded in 1933, Antimite has been protecting St. Louis area homes and businesses from termites and other unwanted pests. Ernie Ferrario and Tod Williams are today’s co-owners of Antimite, and started their pest control careers in 1981 and 1984 respectively. You can’t teach experience. With over 60 years in the industry, Tod and Ernie are┬áprepared for any situation they might encounter in the field. Customers trust Antimite to provide the experience and expertise to protect their homes and health from unwanted pests.

Tod & Ernie are also very active in the field and they personally inspect and install 95% of the new termite service Antimite provides. Customers enjoy the personal service they receive and like the fact that they are dealing directly with the owners. Most of Antimite’s regular customers are long-term customers who have been with Antimite for ten, twenty, and even thirty plus years. “We are servicing the children and grandchildren of our customers which is something we are very proud of” said Ernie Ferrario.

The customer longevity is directly related to the quality level of service provided. The convenience of a one hour appointment window to reminder calls the night before, Antimite continues to meet and exceed customer expectations. “Antimite had a reputation for providing great service at a fair price and we’ve just tried to build upon that foundation”. “Then we just rely on our customers to advertise for us” said Tod Williams. The philosophy is working because Antimite has grown by over 50% since Ernie and Tod continued with the Antimite brand.


Lou Rossi, former Vice President and Officer of Terminix International and 41 year veteran of the termite and pest control industry chose Antimite to protect his new St Louis area home from termites. This speaks volumes about Antimite’s reputation within the industry.